The staff of Lancer are experienced professionals with extensive security related backgrounds dedicated to providing quality investigative and consulting services to our diversified client base. 

To the benefit of our clients and our staff we do not disclose employee information on our web since that could jeopardize ongoing investigations. 

In addition to attaining a high level of experience and expertise our personnel are encouraged to contribute to their respective communities in a volunteer capacity.

Larry Ryhorski, President

Larry Ryhorski is the President and founder of Lancer Investigations Inc. He is a member of the American Society of Industrial Security.

Larry is recognized as an expert in his field. With four decades of experience in the security industry he has a wealth of field and management experience, including retail, physical, armored transport, uniformed guards, investigations, and alarm systems.

Larry’s proactive competitive spirit drives him to exceed expectations and surpass obstacles. Prior to founding Lancer, Larry consistently held upper management posts where he proved himself to be a talented, multi-faceted general security practitioner and financial manager. 

Larry networks and interacts with individuals and officials in all levels of employment and management in both the public and private sector. Larry’s broad range of contacts include individuals in various branches and levels of government, including police departments, throughout North and South America. Networking effectively helps Larry to satisfy the diverse needs of his clients expediently.